Dark Rye Sourdough

Good morning, Last week we made sourdough starter, so this week we couldn't wait to make some delicious, fresh homemade bread with it.  Nothing fills your kitchen with the smells of comfort and home like bread baking... yummy. The bread appears light coloured, though we use a dark rye flour.  To make a dark bread … Continue reading Dark Rye Sourdough


Sourdough Starter

Good morning everyone, I love sourdough.  I've loved it since I made my first starter at the age of 17 (couple of week back that was...)  Sourdough bread, sourdough biscuits, sourdough dumplings... it really doesn't matter what form the sourdough takes, I'm all for it.  Of course, if I indulged as much as I would … Continue reading Sourdough Starter

Garlic Bread

Good evening everyone, The celebration continues with garlic bread because we need something to put that wonderful garlic butter on. Easy peasy this garlic butter will suit any sort of bread and it will also go with most (but not all) cheeses. https://youtu.be/Rp0y1PC8X9o Garlic Bread 8 slices of bread, any type you choose 1 cup … Continue reading Garlic Bread

Eggless Challah (for Braided Breads)

Good morning everyone and Happy Easter to all who celebrate the holiday! I have always wanted to try to make the beautiful, decorated breads that are part of a traditional Ukrainian Easter.  My neighbours on either side of me celebrate Easter, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to make some of these … Continue reading Eggless Challah (for Braided Breads)


Good morning folks, https://youtu.be/1h8saSXSlK0 We don't make naan bread very often, as folks in this house prefer chapatti and naans take a little longer to produce.  However, every once in a while, I like to make a pile of naan to mix it up a little, or to have some on hand for my son's … Continue reading Naan


Good morning everyone, https://youtu.be/4ixg4hk-gdQ Today I'm going to share how to make one of the essential flatbreads of northern Indian cooking.  Chapattis.  Then we're going to learn to flavour them (if you so desire).  Chapattis are a staple in Punjab.  In our family and in many Panjabi families, people are fine with eating chapatti, some dhal … Continue reading Roti/Chapatti