Banana Fritters

Good morning everyone, I have a lot of frozen banana in my freezer to use up so this week we made Banana Chocolate Fudgsicles and Banana Fritters, which are great for a dessert sprinkled with a little bit of confectioner's sugar or for breakfast as a pancake. Banana Fritters 2 cups frozen bananas 3 tablespoons brown … Continue reading Banana Fritters


Aloo Poha (Potatoes and Rice Flakes)

Good morning everyone, Aloo Poha is a traditional breakfast dish in parts of India, made from potatoes and rice flakes.  Poha can be purchased in large or smaller flakes in South Asian supermarkets. Aloo Poha (Potatoes and Rice Flakes) 3 cups poha flakes 1 teaspoon turmeric 2 teaspoons sugar 1 1/2 tablespoons canola or … Continue reading Aloo Poha (Potatoes and Rice Flakes)

Fuul (Fava Bean Awesomeness)

Good morning everyone, We love fuul around here - a hearty Egyptian breakfast dish with a fava bean base.  It is simply delicious with some tahini sauce, tomatoes, onion, cumin and lots of lemon juice and paprika. The dish takes some time to make but it is so worth it!  We serve it with toast … Continue reading Fuul (Fava Bean Awesomeness)

Besan Puda (Chickpea Flour Crepe)

Good morning, My family calls these "omelettes", even though there is no egg in them.  In reality, they are a crepe made from besan (chickpea) and rice flour with flavourings added.  They do taste remarkably like egg when they are cooked. They enjoy these typically on weekends for breakfast but occasionally also for lunch.  They … Continue reading Besan Puda (Chickpea Flour Crepe)