Mango Kesar Manna Cotta

Good morning everyone, We love our mangoes in this house.  Love them.  Today we have some mango kesar (saffron) puree and we're going to make some manna cotta with it.  Vegetarian manna cotta, using agar agar powder instead of gelatin. Mango Kesar Manna Cotta 1 1/2 cups mango kesar puree (2 large mangoes pureed … Continue reading Mango Kesar Manna Cotta


Banana Fritters

Good morning everyone, I have a lot of frozen banana in my freezer to use up so this week we made Banana Chocolate Fudgsicles and Banana Fritters, which are great for a dessert sprinkled with a little bit of confectioner's sugar or for breakfast as a pancake. Banana Fritters 2 cups frozen bananas 3 tablespoons brown … Continue reading Banana Fritters

Banana Chocolate Fudgsicles

Good morning everyone, Vegetarian fudgsicles!  You can make them vegan by swapping out honey for agave syrup or other sweetener to your taste.  No gelatin here, which is an unfortunate ingredient in a lot of frozen treats - well treats generally.  What's with all the gelatin people?  Do you have any idea where that comes … Continue reading Banana Chocolate Fudgsicles

Chocolate Truffles

Good morning everyone, We made a chocolate plate today to celebrate the birth of a new baby girl in our family.  We'll give the chocolates to the new mom and dad to offer the large number of guests that they will see over the next week or so.  One element of our chocolate plate will … Continue reading Chocolate Truffles

Homemade Chocolates

Good morning everyone, It feels like all I've been making lately are treats.  While we've been eating very healthy, circumstances have led to a number of treat baking sessions - awesome neighbour helpfulness and the birth of a new baby girl in our family.  So today, I'm making a chocolate tray for the proud new … Continue reading Homemade Chocolates

Vegetarian Pie Crust – Version 1

Good morning everyone, Last week I published a vegan pie crust recipe that uses coconut oil.  I was not as satisfied with it as I am with my usual pie dough, made with butter, light and flaky. This version of vegetarian pie crust is light, not quite as flaky as the one I use most … Continue reading Vegetarian Pie Crust – Version 1

Apple Berry Turnovers

Good morning, We just made some lovely old-fashioned puff pastry.  What do you do when you have fresh puff pastry?  Anything you like, really but we chose to make apple berry turnovers.  So simply, so delicious, such an awesome treat! Apple Berry Turnovers 1 recipe of old-fashioned puff pastry 2 cups apples, peeled, cored … Continue reading Apple Berry Turnovers