40 Days of Cookies: Gilded Sesame Cookies

Good morning everyone, These are a unique, incredibly tasty and festive looking cookie that will not disappoint.  So tasty and delicious and silver! They are made with tahini and are so much better if you use homemade tahini sauce.  I'll post a recipe for my tahini sauce soon.  Seriously easy and you won't regret it! … Continue reading 40 Days of Cookies: Gilded Sesame Cookies


40 Days of Cookies: Nana Cookies

Good morning everyone, Welcome back to our 40 Days of Holiday Cookies series.  These cookies - Nana Cookies - along with one or two others are the reason that though we're having a holiday cookie series, we've named it simply 40 Days of Cookies.  These are so good anytime.  Don't wait until the winter holiday … Continue reading 40 Days of Cookies: Nana Cookies

40 Days of Cookies: Construction Gingerbread

Good evening everyone! While we're waiting to see if we can recover anything from our series filming kerfuffle, today we're going to talk about (and share my recipe for) construction gingerbread.  This is a type of gingerbread 'cookie' that is designed to be used to make gingerbread constructions - houses, a tardis, cabins, and even … Continue reading 40 Days of Cookies: Construction Gingerbread

Eggless Gnocchi

Good morning everyone, This evening, we're going to have some gnocchi with asparagus and a little butter sauce.  I used to be afraid of gnocchi, like I am afraid of pierogi and making my own phyllo.  Not any more.  There are tricks to making the gnocchi light and airy rather than dense and starchy and … Continue reading Eggless Gnocchi

Dark Rye Sourdough

Good morning, Last week we made sourdough starter, so this week we couldn't wait to make some delicious, fresh homemade bread with it.  Nothing fills your kitchen with the smells of comfort and home like bread baking... yummy. The bread appears light coloured, though we use a dark rye flour.  To make a dark bread … Continue reading Dark Rye Sourdough

Vegetarian Pie Crust – Version 1

Good morning everyone, Last week I published a vegan pie crust recipe that uses coconut oil.  I was not as satisfied with it as I am with my usual pie dough, made with butter, light and flaky. This version of vegetarian pie crust is light, not quite as flaky as the one I use most … Continue reading Vegetarian Pie Crust – Version 1

Apple Berry Turnovers

Good morning, We just made some lovely old-fashioned puff pastry.  What do you do when you have fresh puff pastry?  Anything you like, really but we chose to make apple berry turnovers.  So simply, so delicious, such an awesome treat! https://youtu.be/3VqN0s6WdKQ Apple Berry Turnovers 1 recipe of old-fashioned puff pastry 2 cups apples, peeled, cored … Continue reading Apple Berry Turnovers