How NOT to date a lawyer

It's been almost six months since the love of my life, my soul mate, died of a heart attack while visiting family in Samoa.  It has been a very difficult six months to say the least.  People have been very supportive and kind.  Others have tried to be supportive in very strange ways.  I chose … Continue reading How NOT to date a lawyer


Sphincter Alley

This week, I have been on a circuit called the North Highway circuit.  That circuit consists of the communities of Haines Junction, Burwash Landing and Beaver Creek and is definitely the most beautiful part of an already beyond beautiful Yukon.  That is, except for part of the Alaska Highway that I will forever refer to … Continue reading Sphincter Alley

Northern Circuits and the Virtues

I have become a firm believer that doing circuit Court teaches (or reinforces) for you the Virtues. Acceptance - besides the acceptance of your own fate that I talked about in my last entry, anyone who has travelled on court circuit is intimately familiar with this virtue. Face it, lawyers are Type A's and they … Continue reading Northern Circuits and the Virtues