40 Days of Cookies: Salt Dough Decorations

Good morning everyone, Okay, technically salt dough decorations are NOT cookies and definitely should not be eaten.  They are a fun 'cookie' like material though for your kids and grandkids to make their own holiday decorations.  All you need are three ingredients, the cookie cutters of your choice, a little craft paint, some glue, sparkles … Continue reading 40 Days of Cookies: Salt Dough Decorations


40 Days of Cookies: Edible Glue

Good evening everyone, No discussion about gingerbread construction and cookie decorating could be complete without talking about edible glue.  We're not talking about the royal icing 'glue' that will hold a gingerbread house together but a lighter, almost clear glue that can be used to glue fondant decorations and other light decorations onto cookies, onto … Continue reading 40 Days of Cookies: Edible Glue

40 Days of Cookies: Construction Gingerbread Paste

When gingerbread dough just isn't enough!  You can use a good construction gingerbread dough to make a pipeable gingerbread paste that you can put into an icing bag, equip with your favourite tip, and create gingerbread details for your gingerbread artwork that will both complete your work with that just right element and impress! Gingerbread paste … Continue reading 40 Days of Cookies: Construction Gingerbread Paste

40 Days of Cookies: Construction Gingerbread

Good evening everyone! While we're waiting to see if we can recover anything from our series filming kerfuffle, today we're going to talk about (and share my recipe for) construction gingerbread.  This is a type of gingerbread 'cookie' that is designed to be used to make gingerbread constructions - houses, a tardis, cabins, and even … Continue reading 40 Days of Cookies: Construction Gingerbread

Eggless Mock Hollandaise

Good afternoon everyone, When I became vegetarian more than 3 years ago, I began the hunt for replacements for the foods I used to enjoy.  Hollandaise Sauce was a rare treat but it sure did taste great on some steamed asparagus or over Eggs Benedict.  So I found this sauce on the internet and with … Continue reading Eggless Mock Hollandaise

Egg Replacement Powder for Baking

Good morning everyone, This is our 200th post on NotTheSettlingKind!  Wow!  There will be a special post celebrating the milestone later this week.  I'm not sure I've ever been this committed to a project.  Thank you all so much for reading the posts, I really appreciate it! On to today's recipe: Eggs perform different, important … Continue reading Egg Replacement Powder for Baking

Salsa Verde with Avocado

Good morning everyone, Blech... brachytherapy week.  Everything smells terrible and tastes like nothing but the therapy will help my body rid itself of the cancer and will make it hard for the cancer to return so... I wanted to make a nice, simple, easy meals that are full of flavour for the family this week, … Continue reading Salsa Verde with Avocado