Eggless Mock Hollandaise

Good afternoon everyone, When I became vegetarian more than 3 years ago, I began the hunt for replacements for the foods I used to enjoy.  Hollandaise Sauce was a rare treat but it sure did taste great on some steamed asparagus or over Eggs Benedict.  So I found this sauce on the internet and with … Continue reading Eggless Mock Hollandaise


Egg Replacement Powder for Baking

Good morning everyone, This is our 200th post on NotTheSettlingKind!  Wow!  There will be a special post celebrating the milestone later this week.  I'm not sure I've ever been this committed to a project.  Thank you all so much for reading the posts, I really appreciate it! On to today's recipe: Eggs perform different, important … Continue reading Egg Replacement Powder for Baking

Salsa Verde with Avocado

Good morning everyone, Blech... brachytherapy week.  Everything smells terrible and tastes like nothing but the therapy will help my body rid itself of the cancer and will make it hard for the cancer to return so... I wanted to make a nice, simple, easy meals that are full of flavour for the family this week, … Continue reading Salsa Verde with Avocado

Tomato Chutney

Good morning everyone, This is a fantastic tomato chutney for your snacks.  It's spicy though, so if you like less heat, simply omit the dry red chilies from the tomato paste portion of the recipe and leave one in the tempering spices. We often use this in place of ketchup, which is loaded with sugar. … Continue reading Tomato Chutney

Basil and Onion Pasta Sauce

Good morning everyone and Happy Mother's Day! At our home, we enjoy pasta once or twice a week.  The pasta sauce we use always depends on what's available at the market that week.  This week it was fresh, beautiful basil, which is one of my favourite things. This sauce really highlights the taste of the basil … Continue reading Basil and Onion Pasta Sauce

Tahini Garlic Sauce

Good morning everyone, We use a tahini garlic sauce in our fuul, which we are making for our breakfast this morning.  The sauce goes great in a lot of middle eastern dishes, is so easy to make, and so full of flavour.  Use it in fuul, falafel, over swarma, as a dipping sauce for vegetables... … Continue reading Tahini Garlic Sauce

Vegan Marshmallows – Oma’s Version

Good morning everyone, I needed some marshmallows for a challenge contest that I am involved in with my daughter.  Since my cancer diagnosis, I've decided that being a kid again for awhile is well worth the hit I take to adult dignity and grace... no wait, I've never had any grace and I only had … Continue reading Vegan Marshmallows – Oma’s Version