Peas Pulao (Peas and Rice)

Good afternoon everyone, Peas pulao is something that I make when I want to add a little extra green and a little extra flavour to our dinners.  Did you know? Peas are actually the seeds of a fruit (the pea pod) because they grow from the ovaries of pea flowers.  Many of the "vegetables" we enjoy are … Continue reading Peas Pulao (Peas and Rice)


Perfect Basmati

Good afternoon, Today we're going to make perfect basmati.  Or Jasmine rice, or long-grain, or short grain, or any other form of rice except the very starchy types - arborrio and sticky rice, for example. You are going to learn a trick that will create a perfect pot of rice every time.  It doesn't matter … Continue reading Perfect Basmati

Jeera Rice

Good evening everyone, Last recipe post for the day (I think) - Jeera Rice.  Jeera means cumin.  Like many common foods, there are many different ways to make Jeera Rice, depending on who you talk to.  I make it different ways depending on what I have on hand and my mood. Jeera rice is the … Continue reading Jeera Rice