Easy Vegan Pho

Good afternoon everyone, Pho.  Yummy, yummy, Vietnamese noodle soup.  So delicious, so flexible and so easy.  Pho was a favourite of our eldest daughter growing up but I haven't made it in a few years.  I like the spicy flavour of this broth - which makes the house smell wonderful! Our son has never had … Continue reading Easy Vegan Pho


Himmat’s Light Vegetable Stock (replaces Chicken Stock)

Vegetable stocks don't all have to taste like parsley and potato.  If you are careful with selecting your ingredients and flavour and simmer the stock appropriately, you can have a very tasty vegetable stock that replaces chicken stock, fish stock, lamb stock and beef stock.  It won't taste exactly the same but it will be … Continue reading Himmat’s Light Vegetable Stock (replaces Chicken Stock)