Black Bean Wraps

Good morning everyone, We had black bean nachos last night, so today, we're making wraps with the leftover spicy black beans, pico de gallo, and salsa verde.  Yummy!  Best leftovers ever! Black Bean Wraps 4 whole wheat tortillas, large (or any flatbread you like) 1 cup black beans 1/2 cup pico de gallo 1/2 … Continue reading Black Bean Wraps


Pico de Gallo

Good morning everyone, It's brachytherapy week - intense radiation treatment to help my body get the cancer out and keep it out.  Needless to say, everything smells awful and despite the smell, food is tasteless to me.  So tonight, I wanted something easy and light to feed the family with some great flavours that they … Continue reading Pico de Gallo

Dark Rye Sourdough

Good morning, Last week we made sourdough starter, so this week we couldn't wait to make some delicious, fresh homemade bread with it.  Nothing fills your kitchen with the smells of comfort and home like bread baking... yummy. The bread appears light coloured, though we use a dark rye flour.  To make a dark bread … Continue reading Dark Rye Sourdough

Apple Hand Pies

Good morning, Here is the apple hand pie recipe that we've used this week to thank some awesome neighbours for helping us with some very heavy but badly needed work on our driveway.  We are truly blessed with terrific neighbours on both sides of us and I can't think of any better way to say … Continue reading Apple Hand Pies

Rough Puff Pastry

Good morning everyone, The other day I went on a pastry binge.  People in my house were so excited!  Pie, they cried!  Yay, says they!  Lots and lots of pie!  What?!? It's for the neighbours?  Why would you tempt us with pie and then take the dream away? We are blessed with the nicest neighbours … Continue reading Rough Puff Pastry

Spinach and Mushroom Pot Pie

Good evening everyone, I made a vegan pie crust for a challenge, so tonight we're having Spinach and Mushroom Pot Pie for dinner.  Had to do something with that crust, after all and this pot pie is a favourite in our home. It's earthy, comforting and delicious! Spinach and Mushroom Pot Pie 12 cups … Continue reading Spinach and Mushroom Pot Pie

Lime Pickle

Good morning everyone, I began making Indian style pickle when I returned from a six month stay in India and could not find them on the shelves in Whitehorse.  I am now living in Toronto, where premade pickle is readily available at any of the dozens of Indian markets in Etobicoke but I still prefer to … Continue reading Lime Pickle