Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Good evening, It's just the husband unit and I for dinner tonight so we're experimenting with what sort of dishes we can make with the leftover bits in our fridge.  We've decided on roasted potatoes, cream cheese stuffed mushrooms and bruschetta and guacamole.  Yummy appie dinner night! (Almost as good as date night but not … Continue reading Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms


Bruschetta and Guacamole

Good evening everyone, It's just my husband and I for dinner tonight which means we can experiment like crazy.  He believes he's a picky eater but he's not - at all.  He likes a variety of different foods and he doesn't mind trying something new. So tonight, I have leftover avocado and adobo sauce from … Continue reading Bruschetta and Guacamole

Salt and Vinegar Roasted Potatoes

Good evening everyone, It's just the husband unit and I for dinner tonight, so we're having some light appie types of food inspired by "what's in the fridge?".  That and it's really hot out so I don't want to spend a day working at the stove... so salt and vinegar air roasted potatoes, cream cheese … Continue reading Salt and Vinegar Roasted Potatoes

Vegetarian Jambalaya

Good morning everyone, Tonight for dinner we're having vegetarian jambalaya made in a slow cooker.  So spicy, so full of flavour - jambalaya has been a favourite since the first time I tasted it. This slow cooker version is simple and easy to make, saving me time while still making a wholesome, home cooked meal … Continue reading Vegetarian Jambalaya

Mango Kesar Manna Cotta

Good morning everyone, We love our mangoes in this house.  Love them.  Today we have some mango kesar (saffron) puree and we're going to make some manna cotta with it.  Vegetarian manna cotta, using agar agar powder instead of gelatin. Mango Kesar Manna Cotta 1 1/2 cups mango kesar puree (2 large mangoes pureed … Continue reading Mango Kesar Manna Cotta

Chickpea Salad

Good evening everyone, Our son is leaving for Vancouver for two weeks tomorrow for a couple of tennis tournaments.  It's the first time he will travel on his own and his first extended stay away from family, though we are blessed with close friends who will keep an eye on him for us. The airlines … Continue reading Chickpea Salad

Banana Fritters

Good morning everyone, I have a lot of frozen banana in my freezer to use up so this week we made Banana Chocolate Fudgsicles and Banana Fritters, which are great for a dessert sprinkled with a little bit of confectioner's sugar or for breakfast as a pancake. Banana Fritters 2 cups frozen bananas 3 tablespoons brown … Continue reading Banana Fritters